In the current technological era, the ability to communicate effectively has never been more crucial for entrepreneurs. The means of this communication has also seen a dramatic shift, from primarily text-based to increasingly visual. Recognizing this change, the INVOLVE project seeks to empower entrepreneurs with visual literacy skills to capitalize on this visual revolution.


Visual literacy, simply put, is the ability to interpret, use, and create visual content effectively. It encompasses a range of skills from understanding visual data to creating engaging visual content. In the context of business communication, visual literacy has transformative potential. Through research, curriculum development, and resource creation, the INVOLVE project aims to harness this potential to empower entrepreneurs.


Our vision is two-fold. Firstly, we aim to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs who are not only well-versed in business knowledge but are also proficient in visual communication. Entrepreneurs who can leverage visual content can communicate their business ideas more effectively, engage with their audience more deeply, and create a lasting impact.


Secondly, we hope to integrate visual literacy into the broader entrepreneurship education framework. By doing so, we aim to redefine the curriculum, ensuring that it aligns with the needs and realities of the current digital age. This means making visual literacy not just an optional add-on, but a fundamental part of the entrepreneurship education curriculum.


We believe that the advantages of incorporating visual literacy into business communication are manifold. For one, it can make presentations more engaging, allowing entrepreneurs to communicate complex information in an accessible manner. Furthermore, it can lead to more impactful marketing campaigns. Visual content is more likely to be shared and remembered, providing a significant advantage in today’s crowded digital landscape.


In terms of customer engagement, visuals can play a pivotal role. From explaining product functionalities to telling a brand story, visuals can captivate the audience’s attention and foster a deeper connection.


Lastly, visual literacy skills can enhance the entrepreneur’s ability to understand and interpret visual data, a crucial ability in an era dominated by data-driven decision making.


Through the INVOLVE project, we hope to prioritize visual literacy, enabling entrepreneurs to harness the power of visuals in their business communication. By doing so, we believe we can redefine the future of entrepreneurship education and, ultimately, the future of business communication.