In the bustling city of Athens on 24th and 25th May the partners’ meeting of the project “INVOLVE – Integrating Visual Literacy Teaching into Adult Entrepreneurship Education” took place.  This innovative project, driven by a spirit of collaboration and educational transformation, seeks to infuse visual literacy into adult entrepreneurship education. This article sheds light on the significance of this meeting, explores the project’s objectives, and delves into the potential impact on adult learners and entrepreneurship education.

At its core, Project INVOLVE seeks to revolutionize adult entrepreneurship education by incorporating visual literacy as a central pedagogical element. Visual literacy, encompassing the ability to interpret, create, and critically analyze visual messages, holds immense potential for enhancing entrepreneurial skills. The project envisions a curriculum that empowers adult learners to harness the power of visual communication in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Following the productive project meeting, the two first deliverables of the project that have been completed, the INVOLVE Toolkit and the online course underwent a pilot testing phase. This phase was carried out with people interested in visual literacy and directly involved with entrepreneurship allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the material’s effectiveness. Moreover, participants had the chance to practice some artistic activities that will be included in the INVOLVE Good practice Guidebook.

The partners’ meeting of Project INVOLVE and the pilot testing of the material in Athens filled the participants with hope and inspiration.  As the project continues to unfold, it promises to illuminate new pathways for adult learners, fostering a generation of empowered entrepreneurs who can effectively communicate, innovate, and succeed in an increasingly visual world.

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