As our world continues to evolve into a visually-dominated digital landscape, the role of visual literacy in entrepreneurship education has become increasingly pertinent. The INVOLVE project is at the forefront of this evolution, paving the way for an innovative approach to entrepreneurship education that puts visual literacy center stage.


Our work is built around the premise that visuals can empower entrepreneurs to communicate their ideas more effectively and innovatively. To bring this vision to life, we undertake a three-fold approach: comprehensive research, innovative curriculum development, and practical resource creation.


The research aspect of our work involves identifying best practices in visual literacy education across the EU. This helps us understand the current state of visual literacy education and informs the development of our innovative curriculum and resources. Our research also includes the exploration of the latest digital graphic, image, and video technology tools, ensuring our resources and tools are cutting-edge and relevant.


In terms of curriculum development, we strive to innovate by embedding visual literacy into the core of entrepreneurship education. We believe that for entrepreneurship education to be relevant in today’s digital age, it needs to go beyond traditional business skills. It needs to equip entrepreneurs with the skills to communicate visually – to interpret visual data, to create engaging visual content, and to leverage visual tools for business growth. By integrating visual literacy into the curriculum, we can ensure that our entrepreneurship education is comprehensive, contemporary, and engaging.


Finally, we focus on creating practical resources that can help entrepreneurs develop their visual literacy skills. This includes the development of the INVOLVE Toolkit and the Visual Literacy for Entrepreneurs Online Course. These resources are designed to be easy-to-use and practical, enabling entrepreneurs to develop their visual competencies in a hands-on manner.


However, our vision goes beyond integrating visual literacy as a skill. We believe visual literacy is a mindset – a way of thinking and communicating. As such, we aim to cultivate a community of entrepreneurs who not only have visual literacy skills but also appreciate the power of visuals as a tool for communication and innovation.


In essence, through the INVOLVE project, we aspire to shape the future of entrepreneurship education. By prioritizing visual literacy, we aim to create an education model that is engaging, effective, and most importantly, relevant to the digital age we live in.