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Illuminating Pathways: Partners’ Meeting of Project INVOLVE in Athens and Pilot Testing

In the bustling city of Athens on 24th and 25th May the partners' meeting of the project "INVOLVE - Integrating Visual Literacy Teaching into Adult Entrepreneurship Education" took place.  This innovative project, driven by a spirit of collaboration and educational transformation, seeks to infuse visual literacy into adult entrepreneurship education. This article sheds light on

Creative Spark Blog Post Visual Literacy

Creative Spark, a Company Limited by Guarantee, that operates as a not-for-profit social enterprise. Embracing diversity and empowering individuals from all walks of life. With a team primarily composed of creative industry professionals, they possess a unique advantage in utilizing visual tools to explain complex concepts. This blog post explores Creative Spark's commitment to visual

Relevance of Visual Literacy in the ENTRECOMP Framework

The European Commission's Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, also known as ENTRECOMP, is a comprehensive guide that identifies the skills and attitudes essential for entrepreneurial success. In an era where visual communication dominates digital media, the relevance of visual literacy within this framework becomes increasingly significant. Visual literacy, the ability to comprehend, interpret, and communicate using visual

Visual Literacy – The Future of Entrepreneurship Education

As our world continues to evolve into a visually-dominated digital landscape, the role of visual literacy in entrepreneurship education has become increasingly pertinent. The INVOLVE project is at the forefront of this evolution, paving the way for an innovative approach to entrepreneurship education that puts visual literacy center stage.   Our work is built around

Equipping Entrepreneurs with Visual Literacy Skills

In the contemporary business landscape, visual literacy - the ability to interpret, use, and create visual content effectively - is more than a handy skill; it's a necessity. The digital era has marked a shift towards a more visual mode of communication. As such, entrepreneurs who are equipped with visual literacy skills hold a distinct

Visual Literacy – A Game Changer in Entrepreneurship

Visual literacy, the capacity to interpret, create, and use visual images effectively, is rapidly gaining prominence in the digital world. In this landscape where visuals have become a prevalent form of communication, entrepreneurs need to be more visually literate than ever. Being visually literate is more than simply being able to comprehend visual content; it

Advancing Business Communication through Visual Literacy

In the current technological era, the ability to communicate effectively has never been more crucial for entrepreneurs. The means of this communication has also seen a dramatic shift, from primarily text-based to increasingly visual. Recognizing this change, the INVOLVE project seeks to empower entrepreneurs with visual literacy skills to capitalize on this visual revolution.  

Harnessing the Power of Visuals in Business

In an age where images speak louder than words, understanding the language of visuals has become a crucial entrepreneurial skill. Recognizing this importance, the INVOLVE project is pioneering a transformative change in entrepreneurship education with the development of the first-ever Visual Literacy for Entrepreneurs online course.   This online course is designed with one goal

Building a Visual Literacy Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

One of the key initiatives of the INVOLVE project is the creation of a visual literacy toolkit for entrepreneurs. This toolkit aims to equip entrepreneurship educators with the resources they need to enhance teaching and learning using visual content. The INVOLVE Toolkit will encompass a wide range of tools, from digital graphic, image, and video

Visual Literacy and Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship education has witnessed a significant evolution over the years. While traditional business skills such as financial management and marketing remain important, the rise of the digital age has brought forward a new set of skills – one of the most crucial being visual literacy. Entrepreneurs who can understand and create compelling visual content hold

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