Entrepreneurship education has witnessed a significant evolution over the years. While traditional business skills such as financial management and marketing remain important, the rise of the digital age has brought forward a new set of skills – one of the most crucial being visual literacy.

Entrepreneurs who can understand and create compelling visual content hold a distinct advantage in today’s market. They can convey their ideas more effectively, captivate their audience’s attention, and create a lasting impact. It’s no surprise, then, that integrating visual literacy into entrepreneurship education is a step forward.

The INVOLVE project recognizes this changing dynamic and aims to redefine entrepreneurship education by integrating visual literacy training. Through this, we hope to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs who can harness the power of visuals to communicate their ideas.

Our efforts include comprehensive research, curriculum development, and toolkit creation, all centered around visual literacy. The result, we hope, will be a more engaging, impactful, and effective approach to entrepreneurship education.