In the contemporary business landscape, visual literacy – the ability to interpret, use, and create visual content effectively – is more than a handy skill; it’s a necessity. The digital era has marked a shift towards a more visual mode of communication. As such, entrepreneurs who are equipped with visual literacy skills hold a distinct advantage. Recognizing the importance of these skills, the INVOLVE project is committed to fostering visual literacy among entrepreneurs.


Our endeavor begins with comprehensive research. We aim to understand the current practices and pedagogies in visual literacy education across the EU. Our research efforts focus on identifying the best practices, most effective teaching methods, and innovative tools that aid in visual literacy education. The outcome of this research is a roadmap that guides educators and organizations on how to cultivate visual literacy skills effectively.


But our efforts do not stop at research. We are actively developing resources to make visual literacy education accessible to all entrepreneurs. Our initiatives include a comprehensive INVOLVE Toolkit and the Visual Literacy for Entrepreneurs Online Course. The INVOLVE Toolkit is a curated collection of digital graphic, image, and video technology tools that are relevant, useful, and easy-to-use. This toolkit aims to provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to create impactful visual content. On the other hand, the online course is designed to be practical and interactive, helping entrepreneurs develop their visual competencies in a hands-on manner.


Our vision goes beyond equipping entrepreneurs with visual literacy skills. We aspire to cultivate a community of entrepreneurs who value visual literacy and integrate it into their daily business operations. We believe that visual literacy should not be an afterthought but a priority. By fostering a mindset that values and prioritizes visual literacy, we can influence a change in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Visual literacy has the potential to make business communication more effective, enhance customer engagement, and foster innovation and creativity. By equipping entrepreneurs with these skills, we can enable them to navigate the digital landscape effectively and use visuals as a powerful tool for communication, engagement, and success.


The INVOLVE project is more than a resource provider. We are advocates for visual literacy in entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to transforming the entrepreneurial landscape, making it more visually engaging, effective, and successful.