In the age of digital media, visual literacy plays a pivotal role in the realm of entrepreneurship. Notably, entrepreneurs today find themselves in an environment swarming with various technologies that necessitate visual interpretation and communication. As the visual medium dominates the digital landscape, it’s become essential for entrepreneurs to adapt and evolve their skills accordingly.


Visual literacy, as per Baker’s (2016) perspective, is a fundamental element of business communication. It’s the ability to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate visual messages. Mastering such a skill gives entrepreneurs an unparalleled advantage in connecting with their audience, whether customers, investors, or partners.


Visual literacy can enhance the way entrepreneurs present their ideas, making their messages more impactful and easy to understand. For example, imagine an entrepreneur pitching their business idea to investors. A presentation filled with dense text and complex jargon can be hard to follow, leading to a loss of interest. However, if the same content is represented visually – say, through an infographic or a simple chart, it becomes far easier to understand and leaves a lasting impression.


The INVOLVE project aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the increasingly visual nature of today’s communication channels. By integrating visual literacy training into adult entrepreneurship education curriculum and courses, we’re arming entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to navigate this digital era. Through this, we hope to foster a community of entrepreneurs who can use visuals to express their ideas effectively, thereby transforming the way business communication is perceived.