As we move further into the digital age, understanding and being able to use different types of digital tools becomes increasingly important for entrepreneurs. From graphic design tools to video editing software, there’s a multitude of resources available that can enhance one’s ability to communicate visually.


In the current digital landscape, visual content dominates – from Instagram posts and infographics to YouTube videos and virtual reality experiences. Entrepreneurs who can adeptly navigate these platforms have the advantage of reaching their audience in a more engaging, memorable way.


Through the INVOLVE project, we aim to identify the most relevant, practical, and user-friendly digital tools for creating visual content. Our goal is not merely to recognize these tools but to make them accessible and easy to use for entrepreneurs.


By offering a carefully curated toolkit, we hope to provide the Adult Ed sector with the resources needed to enhance teaching and learning using visual content. The toolkit will include a range of tools – from beginner-friendly software for creating simple graphics to more advanced tools for producing professional-quality videos.


Through technology and visual literacy, entrepreneurs can transform the way they communicate, market their products, and connect with their audience.