Visual literacy is more than just creating beautiful content. It’s about deciphering and creating visual content that communicates ideas effectively and efficiently. In the world of business, where time is money, being able to convey your message quickly is a priceless skill.


Visual literacy allows entrepreneurs to interpret complex data, trends, and concepts, translate them into a visual form that can be easily understood by their target audience. Think of it as a universal language that transcends linguistic barriers – a crucial tool in the hands of global entrepreneurs.


The INVOLVE project, recognizing the value of visual literacy, will undertake an EU-wide research initiative to identify the best practices in visual literacy education within the adult education sector. This research will examine current practices, innovative approaches, and the impact of visual literacy on learning outcomes. The results will be compiled into a Good Practice Guide Book. This guidebook aims to encourage educators and organizations to incorporate these visual pedagogies in their teaching. By doing so, we hope to enhance the quality of entrepreneurship education, making it more engaging, impactful, and effective.


Visual literacy can significantly elevate the way entrepreneurs communicate, engage with their audience, and present their ideas. By endorsing visual literacy and its integration into entrepreneurship education, the INVOLVE project hopes to redefine the future of business communication.