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Testing visual literacy workshops

Testing visual literacy workshops As part of the INVOLVE project, funded by the Erasmus+ Education and Training Programme, the French partner specializing in in visual arts, N’a qu’1 œil arts conducted 3 visual literacy workshops to improve the skills of entrepreneurs, between April and June 2021. N’a qu’1 œil for 25 years has been specialsing

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Introduction to INVOLVE

Introduction to “Integrating Visual Literacy Teaching into Adult Entrepreneurship Education” INVOLVE Entrepreneurship education occupies a key role in the Europe 2020 strategy for growth and jobs. Today’s business environment is very visually oriented. Instagram, social media, tiktok and advertising etc - all image-rich disciplines - have become almost ubiquitous. The NEED for entrepreneurs to be

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Meet the team!

Meet the INVOLVE team  Our lead partner - Le LABA (Laboratory of Arts Based in New Aquitaine) is a competence centre of the New Aquitaine Region. This Centre was created in 2013 and has 7 employees: director, financial manager, training manager, European project workers and managers, project assistant, and a Community and Marketing manager. It

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